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GardenFx offers a extensive range of matting options including domestic front door mats, dust control mats, commercial mats and rubber mats for interior or exterior flooring.

Our Irish-manufactured landscaping products are up-cycled from old tyres and provide a flexible, durable and long-lasting alternative to traditional concrete products. Because they are made from rubber, they have no sharp edges making them safe and ideal for play areas & play grounds.

68.90 m2

Entrance Matting

Entrance Coir Matting

34.00 / m2

Entrance Matting

Entrance Mat – Inlay Tile


Entrance Matting

Entrance Mat – Plain Tile


Mats & Landscaping

Rubber Chipping -10Kg Bag


Mats & Landscaping

Rubber Kerbing – 4m long


Mats & Landscaping

Rubber Multi Mats – 20mm

59.95 m2